Space Utilization

Corporate real estate (CRE) teams use Density to improve the performance of spaces across their portfolio. According to a space utilization report by CBRE, $41% of corporate real estate is empty but paid for. Density’s analytics make it easy to identify under-utilized or unused space, which can be repurposed or eliminated to drive significant cost savings. CRE executives also use Density to establish benchmarks for effectively utilized space, and then use those benchmarks to drive performance improvements across their portfolio. 

Workplace Experience

Density provides data and insights to deliver a workplace experience that is both efficient and enjoyable. According to Gartner, a typical employee spends 27 hours a year searching for available meeting rooms, leading to massive amounts of wasted time across the company. With Density’s real-time data and iOS mobile app, workplace teams let employees know when certain amenities or spaces are available. A division of a Fortune 5 company, for example, enables their employees to be notified when a cafeteria near them isn’t crowded—greatly reducing wait times and saving precious employee time. Workplace teams also use Density data to better understand how different spaces are used. It’s even possible to A/B test different workspace configurations to optimize layouts that maximize employee engagement. 

Physical Security & Safety

Density enables physical security teams and building managers to run safer, more secure facilities. 

Effective Emergency Response
In the event of an emergency, Density provides a real-time count of every space where the devices are installed. Teams can use this room-level data when coordinating response efforts with law enforcement, rescue teams and first responders.  

Fire Code Compliance & Capacity Management
Facilities and operations teams use Density’s real-time count data to ensure their spaces stay safely under the capacity limits imposed by fire codes. With Density’s mobile app, you can set an alert to be sent when a room approaches its maximum capacity. Teams use these alerts to actively manage occupancy levels, improving safety and avoiding costly fines from fire code violations. 

Foot Traffic

A number of national retailers are using Density to accurately and anonymously track store foot traffic. Retail teams gain real-time and historic analytics on activity at the store, district, region and national level. Gartner-White, an American furniture retailer with locations across Michigan, uses Density’s data to measure sales team performance, and to set staffing levels to ensure efficient operations and an optimal in-store customer experience. 

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