Does the device use a camera?

No, our device was designed to be anonymous to protect our users’ privacy. Our sensor uses an infrared laser to capture depth data—which contains no personally identifiable information, unlike a camera. The Density device then processes this data to accurately count humans.

How is it different from a camera?

For purposes of people-counting to measure how spaces are utilized, cameras are inaccurate and invasive. Unlike a camera, Density’s device does not have an optical sensor for visual light, which means that—unlike a camera—it’s incapable of producing a picture with visual details that can be attributed to any one individual.

From a software perspective, cameras are designed specifically for physical security use cases. This means that there is no security camera software—or video management system (VMS)—designed for workplace-related use cases. If you are in workplace strategy, building operations, corporate real estate, or a related field—and you care about system accuracy and occupant privacy—then Density is likely a great fit for your use case.

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