Detailed setup information for connecting a device to the cloud can be found at

Outbound Communication

Once the Density device establishes a network connection, it communicates solely via outbound requests over TLS/SSL connections via WiFi or Ethernet.

At normal operation, the device transmits 0.5 kbps.


Density devices send "heartbeats" up to the cloud every minute. This metric is utilized to understand device uptime and is available via the Density API and in Density Dashboard, on the Admin Sensor Management page.

OTA (over-the-air) Updates

The device regularly polls to determine if there are available updates. OTA updates are pulled securely from a signed Amazon S3 URL when a new update becomes available. Updates are generally shipped monthly to include new features, algorithm improvements, bug fixes, and security patches.

OTA updates are made available during non-peak hours, to avoid any disruption in service. Specific update windows can be requested with your Customer Success team.

Once an OTA update is downloaded, the device will restart, automatically switch to the new boot partition, attempt to launch the new OS, and fallback to the previous OS if any issue is found. Density DevSecOps is notified of failed OS updates for remediation.

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