In the Density Dashboard, you can add and manage users in your organization. Users can have one of the following user profiles: 

  • Owner: Full edit rights for spaces, names, and users. Full access to development tools. Can provision and troubleshoot sensors.

  • Admin: Can edit spaces and names to the spaces they have access to. Can't access development tools. 

  • Read-Only: Can't edit any spaces or names; can only see data for spaces to which they've been assigned. They also can't create alerts or email digests.

To add a new user

1) Navigate to the Admin field in the top right menu and select User Management in the dropdown.

2) Once you are on the User Management page and see all your users, select Add User.

3) Enter the user’s email address and select the user profile type (Owner, Admin or Read-only). Click save and an account activation email will be sent to that user.

4) You can use the "Space Permissions" option to limit the locations that Admin or Read-only level users have access to (example below).

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