If a sensor does not come online after attempting setup using the Unit Setup app (Android version), check the following:

  1. Verify it has power

  • Sensor is plugged in and the LED light is on at front of the device.

  • If not, then it is not receiving power or connectivity. Plug in the device.

2. Verify it has an IP address and network configuration, can access DNS, and can communicate with the internet

  • Use the Unit Setup app to scan for the device, select Validate > Run validation.¬†

  • This will provide a high level of Network Details > Gather Network Info to download network information to help inform potential network issues. Information automatically and securely sent to Density.

3. If you see an eth0 MAC Address, validate if it is a DHCP issue (most likely issue)

  • If you see that you are not connected to the internet, but can see switch information, follow these recommended steps.

  1. Check that the device is on the expected port

  2. Check what subdomain they're on

  3. Check what network they're on

  4. Check the VLAN

  5. Verify the packets are making it to the router

  6. Verify DHCP is available for VLAN/Subnet

  7. Verify DNS configuration is correct

  8. Verify ACLs are correct based on network config 

  9. Power cycle device

4. If you do not see a mac address for eth0 and no communication with the switch

  • Verify that the port on the switch is active

  • Verify the switch can see the device mac address

  • Verify link rate on the switch

  • Plug the sensor into a known good port to verify the sensor is functional

  • If it comes online, plug the sensor back into its original port using a new cable. If it comes online, then the cable is faulty.

Need assistance? Please reach out to support@density.io

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