Integrating with Slack gives you access to a Density bot that you can ask for the current and predicted count. 

Space permissions are not implemented with the Slack integration. Thus, anyone in your Slack organization can access the real-time count of any room in your Density organization.

Data collection: ephemeral data used for responding to users 

Data storage: long-term storage in Density databases.

Data we collect and store

After authorization of the Density Slack app, Density stores:

  • the email address of the authorizer

  • the Slack access token to respond to bot requests

  • the Slack team ID to correctly respond to bot requests

Density collects:

  • messages directly to the Density Slack bot

  • responses to actions (drop-down selection) of Density Slack bot responses

Data we do not collect and store

The Density Slack app responds to messages when called with "Hey @density."

Density does not collect, nor store:

  • messages to the Slack channel that do not reference the Density Slack bot

  • members of a given Slack channel

  • any other information related to Slack, when the Density Slack bot is not mentioned

Density does does not store:

  • messages to the Density Slack bot, except in-memory to respond to requests

  • members of a given Slack channel

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