When integrated with a building’s access control, Density’s sensors are now able to detect discrepancies between the number of badge swipes and the number of people entering the doorway. Unlike cameras, break-beam sensors and other solutions, Density’s sensors are not easily fooled by non-human objects (such as bags, bikes, carts, etc.). Density is also the only sensor on the market that can accurately detect tailgating in near real-time (<700 milliseconds).

Density integrates with a number of major access controls, including: 

  • Brivo
  • C•CURE
  • Genetec
  • LenelS2 Netbox
  • OpenPath
  • LenelS2 Onguard 7.4/7.5/7.6
  • Avigilon

We are continuously adding integrators to this list. Please feel free to reach out to sales@density.io if you have an access control system that is not listed here.

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