The Density Sandbox API is available for developers looking to test out Density's API using live, realistic data.

We have three different Sandbox API accounts that simulate different environments.

Acme Air
This organization simulates data that you would typically see at airport lounges.
Token: tok_KpdK0hAl63G0Mbaiq0Ot2jYlMRKf43f63f8uJeyvXI8

Acme Worship Centers
This organization simulates data that you would see at a large worship center.
Token: tok_gwxoOykpDEfyRhxGbDNBKplrFjL8D3ZMsJaP6bDcGoU

Acme Inc
This organization simulates data you would normally see in an enterprise environment, including conference rooms and cafes.
Token: tok_Gj4NFeMxCtg62gZeDvsgygVy6elahJyE2m6owBA9VCA

Please note: These API tokens are read-only. You will not be able to create or modify any API objects. This means that POST, PATCH, PUT, DELETE calls will be rejected as unauthorized.

You can read up on the various API endpoints as well as how to make an API call here:

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