Density products have been improved and expanded significantly throughout 2019. Here are the biggest product launches and changes from the year — be sure to check out details on each one in the sections below!

Administration and Management

  • Location Management

  • User & Role Administration


  • Room Booking Integrations

  • User Authentication Providers

Tools and Reporting

  • Analytics

  • Customizable Alerts

  • Dashboards & Reports

  • Density Live

  • New and Improved Density Mobile Apps

  • Space Exploration

Location Management

With the location management feature, it’s easy to navigate and edit your entire portfolio. Enter and control operating hours, doorway connections between spaces, property square footage, addresses, lease values, capacity, photos, and more. This robust information about your locations will power insights across all of our products when paired with real-time occupancy data.

User & Role Administration

Invite new users, manage their role-based permissions, and control the visibility of spaces with our new enterprise-grade user management system. Once invited, users can set up their accounts with our friendly and secure login system. Our tiered role system makes sure everyone has access to the exact tools and data they need. Check out this article to get started with managing users.

Room Booking Integrations

You can connect Density to popular business calendaring apps and room booking software. We currently support Condeco, Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook 365, Robin, and Teem. These integrations combine Density’s occupancy data with booking information to identify ways to improve meeting room utilization and provide exciting new insights.

Read more about how to set up these integrations here.

User Authentication Providers

Users in your organization can now log in with a Density account (email and password) or through an integration with Google OAuth or Okta identity management, making it easy to use Density with your existing accounts. Contact Density to get your organization set up today.


Select and compare any spaces across your portfolio. Quickly filter by function, type, tag, or team to look at how your spaces are performing in ways that have never been possible before. Available metrics include occupancy, utilization, entrances (visitor count), exits, and available capacity. Easily pull up saved reports and export any visualized data as a CSV.

Analytics is our most flexible new feature; dig in and explore data from anywhere in your portfolio, drilling down the time times and trends that you’re most interested in. Shape the data you see and then save, share, and export with just a click.

Customizable Alerts

Alert management is now available in Dashboard, allowing any user to set up and manage real-time SMS notifications. Configure the occupancy level for triggering notifications, ensuring you get the right information, right on time. Alerts can also be managed on-the-go from within Density Mobile apps.

Dashboards & Reports

With 23 customizable reports to choose from, our hand-tailored dashboards have never been more insightful. Curate collections of reports into dashboards that reflect each of your use cases. Export data, email dashboards, and schedule them to be sent to you and your team members on a regular schedule using our digest feature.

Read more about creating and emailing dashboards.

Density Live

Visit to check out a live view of the occupancy across our demo spaces. The Live app can be made available for your organization, allowing the current occupancy and trends at selected spaces available as a lightweight webpage.

New and Improved Density Mobile Apps

Density Mobile is now available for Android in the Google Play store! The iOS app has been completely revamped as well. New features include the ability to navigate your entire space hierarchy, view and configure alerts, additional live data, and a more refined user interface.

Download the apps here and take Density with you!

Space Exploration

We’ve updated how spaces are displayed in the Dashboard and added an instant search feature, making it fast and easy to jump between spaces anywhere in your portfolio. Traverse your data at the campus, building, floor, or individual space levels.

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