If your dashboard or app is showing an incorrect timezone, you can adjust this in your dashboard by following these steps:
(Note: You must have owner or admin access controls in order to change timezones - please reach  out to your administrator to change roles if necessary)

  1. Login to your dashboard with your Density.io credentials.  

2. Under Admin on the top right, select "Locations"

3. Once you see the space you would like to edit, click on the "manage" link on the right. This will take you the the page configurations for your space. 

4. Click on "Edit" above your space.

5. Scroll down to Operating Hours.  Here, you can edit the timezone to your local time. Note that all rooms/spaces/doorways that fall under this space will be automatically changed as well. 

6. Remember to click the blue "Save" button on the top right to confirm your change. 

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