Before you start:
Reach out to support@density.io or your dedicated Customer Success Manager to let them know you're planning to implement the alert.

What you'll need:

  • A USB Audio External Stereo Sound Card Adapter with 3.5mm Audio Jack Headphone
  • A 3.5mm cord of your desired length to connect the adapter to the speaker
  • A speaker with sufficient volume for the space. We've been using this speaker in our quiet office environment: ECOXGEAR PEBBLE Lite Bluetooth Speaker (GDI-EXPLT501) and use this speaker for tradeshows JBL Clip 3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Step 1: The sensor has to be online and counting

Step 2: Remove the bluetooth dongle from the sensor (looks like a small USB in the back of the device) 

Step 3: Insert the USB Sound Card Adapter where the bluetooth dongle was previously.

Step 4: Install your speaker in the desired location and connect to the sensor via the Sound Card Adapter.

Step 5: Reach out to support@density.io, so our team can configure your device to send the alert.

That's it! You're ready for real-time detection and alerting of tailgating events.

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