How do I get started with Google SSO?

  • Google SSO works out of the box. Your organization can start using it without additional configuration.

  • If you want to require that members of your organization authenticate via Google SSO, our support team can configure that for you. Please reach out to

How do I get started with Okta (or any SAML product)

  • An Enterprise License is required to enable authentication via Okta¬†

  • Reach out to your Customer Success Manager or to enable it for your Density instance.

Enterprise SAML connections are currently supported by the Density Dashboard. Density mobile apps do not support Enterprise SAML, however this feature is being tracked on our roadmap. If necessary, Density basic credentials (email/password) can be used for authentication on mobile applications.

If you use another OAuth-based provider for identity management, please email for details on how we can support you.

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