What is a max dwell time reset?

At Density, we have many tools at our disposal for inspecting and increasing the accuracy for spaces outfitted with our people counting sensors. One of the most advanced tools we employ is an intelligent drift correction algorithm that detects and eliminates differences between detected occupancy and the expected value in real-time. Rather than a daily reset, we monitor our data every second to give you the most accurate picture of occupancy in your spaces by automatically creating max dwell time resets.

How does it work?

If configured by Density, a space's entrance and exit events will be monitored by our servers to look for anomalies. If a correction is required, usually due to a missed exit, the system will create a special type of event called a "max dwell time reset" that changes the occupancy to the correct number. You may see these resets occurring in the "live" page or if you directly query our API for resets.

These resets are issued based on the amount of time each person has been in the space. If that time exceeds the expected maximum amount of time someone would reasonably be present, a reset is issued. The exact time range can be configured for each space based on how it has historically been occupied and real-world expectations.

How do I use it?

This feature is managed by Density staff. If you would like to configure it for some of your spaces, please don't hesitate to contact us!

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