With Density Safe Display you can now display the real-time occupancy of your business and direct employees or customers on when they can visit your space. Safe Display shows real-time capacity utilization, a Wait/Go signal, and approximate wait times.

How to Set Up Safe Display

  1. Login to Dashboard and select Safe Display at the top (or you can login directly to Safe)
  2. At the top right, click Add Display +
  3. Under Space Name in the Choose a space dropdown, select the space you want to create a Safe display for
  4. Select which capacity you want as your threshold (max occupancy). You can edit Legal and Target capacities in the Admin section of the Dashboard. Safe Capacity is set in this view.
  5. Click Apply
  6. On the right, the Safe Display preview will render
  7. You can customize the following fields for the display:
  • Display Name (what will show in the list of displays in the Safe Display homepage)
  • Display Type (why type of display will be used)
  • Show Wait Time (an estimated wait time for the first person in the queue to enter the space if currently at the set threshold occupancy)
  • Show Occupancy Metric (what % utilized is the space against its threshold occupancy)
  • Show count instead of utilization percentage (shows total number of occupants instead of utilization)
  • Display Layout (configure whether you want a sidebar on the display)
  • Sidebar Content Type (choose between a custom message or show up to 3 additional space occupancies on the display)

Once finished, click Save.

You will now see your new display in the list of Safe Displays organized by building, floor, and space.

To use a Safe display, you can either copy the URL to your clipboard to provide to be used on a tablet or browser-enabled display or open a new full-screen window.

Pro Tip: You can upload your company logo to be shown on every Safe Display created. Note that you can only upload one logo to be added on every Safe Display created.

Logo Guidelines:

  • Transparent background
  • Light text and colors that will contrast with a dark background
  • If you want your logo to appear as large as possible, reduce its width. The display is designed to maintain the aspect ratio of the logo and has a max height of 32px
  • If want your logo to appear crisp, upload an image with a height no less than 64px

Important: If you want to adjust or reset count, you can do so via Tally by selecting Open Tally

In that same menu, you can also manually refresh or delete your display.

Safe Display Requirements

To learn more about display requirements for Safe, refer to this helpful article.

You can find additional setup support for iPad displays here and for displays using an Amazon Firestick here.

Questions? Reach us at support@density.io

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