How to implement Safe Display

Safe Display is responsive and can scale to any size screen. Safe Display requires a device with a modern browser.

We cannot recommend or troubleshoot specific devices, and highly recommend testing using the steps below before purchasing multiple devices.

Note: Density does not sell displays (tv/tablet), but we have partners available if you are interested in a full solution. Please reach out to your Account Representative for further details.

Browser Support

A modern web browser with the ability to render HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript (ECMA 2016) applications is required.

Recent versions (2018 onward) of Chrome, FireFox, Safari, Mobile Safari (iOS 10+), and Microsoft Edge are supported.

Internet Explorer is not supported.

Screen Support

While Display is designed for landscape tablets and larger screens, it is responsive and can be rendered at any screen size.

VGA (1024 x 768), 720p (1280 x 720), and 1080p (1920 x 1080) are all acceptable and tested resolutions.


Before purchasing a display:

  • For Safe Display to be shown 24/7, your device will need to have no-sleep mode. We highly recommend ensuring the model will not revert to sleep mode or the menu before purchasing.

  • Dedicated digital signage devices may not have a modern web browser installed. Recently released devices will still need to be tested for compatibility.

To validate Safe Display, load the following URL:

The data represented is synthetic and generated to simulate a live environment.

When validating the ability for a hardware solution to properly drive Safe Display, ensure:

  • The application successfully loads without error

  • The websocket server (used to publish events to the client) successfully connects (the status shown in the upper-right corner shows “LIVE”)

  • The UI updates in “real-time” as events are synthesized and pushed to the client

  • To verify, open the link on a computer to view the delay between the client and the hardware

How to Set Up Safe by Density

To learn how to set up Safe in the Density Dashboard, check out this helpful article.

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