Configuring an Amazon Fire Stick for use with Density Display will take a little up-front setup. Once set, the Display will update automatically and not require additional monitoring/configuration.

Get Online

  • Plug the Fire Stick into your display of choice, into the HDMI port using the included HDMI extender
  • Power the Fire Stick using the included USB micro cable
  • Get online using the on screen guide. Note: Using the Fire Stick requires logging into an Amazon account

Update System Settings

  • From the Main Menu, navigate to "Settings"
  • Open "Display & Sounds" > "Screen Saver" > "Start Time" and select "NEVER"
  • Navigate back to settings, and then select "My Fire TV" > "Developer Options" > "Apps from Unknown Sources" and select "ON"

Install Required Applications

  • Using the global search, type in "Firefox" and then download "Firefox for Fire TV"
  • Using the global search, type in "Downloader" and then download "Downloader"

Configure Screen to Stay On

  • Open "Downloader" from the recents section of the home screen
  • Enter in the following URL:
  • When prompted to install Wake Lock, press "INSTALL"
  • Once complete, press "OPEN"
  • When Wake Lock opens, hit the back button on the remote to dismiss the version prompt
  • Select "FULL_WAKE_LOCK" from the list, and then exit the application by hitting the home button on the remote

Load Density Safe Display

  • Open "Firefox" from the recents section of the home screen
  • Enter in the desired Safe Display URL into the “Search or enter address” field
  • Safe Display will load in the browser
  • For easier access to the website in the future, hit the menu button on the remote, and the "Pin to homescreen" from the top menu in Firefox. "safe.density" will now be listed in the Pinned Tiles in the Firefox home screen. Click on this to navigate back to Safe Display.

You’re all set.

Additional: Create Short URLs

As you’ve seen getting this up and running, it’s a bit tedious typing out URLs with the Fire Stick Remote. For subsequent Displays that you want to display, you can shorten the Display URL to ease that pain.

  • Copy the desired Safe Display URL from your Safe Display Dashboard
  • Navigate to and enter in the copied URL
  • The short-URL that is created will link directly to the Safe Display, and can be input into Firefox on the Fire Stick
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