You can now create alerts based on various Safe metrics. Below are the definitions of these metrics and examples of how you can start implementing them for your spaces. To set up a safe alert, check out this how-to.

% of Capacity – Now, you can set alerts based on a % of your defined safe, design, or legal space capacities. This allows you to trigger operational intervention or communication with occupants when you're nearing or have hit a space's Safe capacity.

Number of Uses – Get alerts delivered after a certain number of Entrances or Uses. This unlocks the ability to dispatch operational staff (e.g., cleaning) after a pre-defined number of uses of a space has occurred.

Rate of Entry – Trigger alerts based on the rate of entry over a period of time. This unlocks the ability to, with larger spaces, become notified when the occupancy is ramping up, and enact operational protocols (such as staffing up) before the occupancy has peaked.

Occupancy – Be notified when your space has reached a certain occupancy level. This enables you to prevent your space from going over capacity or if the space is empty enough to restock or clean.

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