Additional instructions on how to configure your Kindle Fire tablets for optimal Safe Display performance.

Step 1: Download the Screen On application

  • Open the Screen On Application

  • Select the desired brightness level (e.g. "Keep the current brightness") and click "Start"

Step 2: Bookmark Safe Display in Silk

  • Navigate to the desired Safe Display in Silk

  • Open the Safe Display in a new tab by copying and pasting the link or clicking on the "open" icon

  • Use the right-hand browser navigation to "Add Bookmark" so the link is easy to find in the future.

Step 3: Pin App and Disable Touch

  • Go to Kindle Settings > Parental Controls

  • Toggle App Pinning "On"

  • Open the Silk app and navigate to the Safe Display bookmark

  • Using the app switcher button (bottom right square icon), scroll up on the screen until you see an orange pin icon.

  • Click to pin Safe Display.

  • Select checkbox for 'Disable touch for pinned app"

  • Click "Got It" to confirm

  • Swipe up on the tablet to make the image fullscreen

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