Initial Tablet Setup

• Connect the tablet to WiFi

• When asked if you would like to copy apps & data, select “Set up as new”

• Skip the Google sign in

• Enter Name

• Set up a password/pin

OS Required: 8.1 Oreo

• Go to Settings > System to confirm current OS

Display Setup

Step 1: Turn on app pinning

• Go to Settings > Security & Location > Screen Pinning

• Enable “Screen pinning”

• Enable “Ask for PIN before unpinning”

Step 2: Turn off sleep

• Go to Settings > Display > Sleep

• Select “Never”

Step 3: Save Safe Display to home screen

• Navigate to the desired Safe Display in Chrome

• Go to Menu > Add to home screen

• Name the application anything you’d like (recommended to include the space name if you plan on doing this process for multiple Displays)

• This will add an app to the home screen containing the Safe Display web application

Step 4: Load display

• On the Home screen, select the Density Safe Display application

• Tap the square button

• Swipe up so that Safe Display is fully in view

• Select the Pin icon in the lower right of the window

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