The following reports can help you better understand how your space is being used. With reliable occupancy data, spaces can be adapted, and efficiency can be greatly improved.

Click the report titles for instructions on setting up each report. Must be logged in to your Dashboard to view.


Quick note: Analytics reports are saved at the individual user level, and Dashboard reports are saved at the account level.

An Occupancy report includes target, peak, and average occupancy by volume. This highlights the absolute number of people that were present in a given space.

The Utilization Report shows your peak and average utilization per space, where utilization = occupancy/target capacity.

The Available Capacity report, broken out by space, illustrates the peak and average utilization percentages and also estimates potential savings if you were to eliminate unused space from your portfolio.

Pro tip: For any analytics reports, remember to filter the days and times in a way that makes the graphs easy to read and relevant to your objectives.


The Square Feet Per Person report shows you the extent to which you are performing against a target capacity benchmark (i.e., 150-200 square feet per person) as part of your real estate portfolio objectives:

Surpassed Capacity, Occupancy Hourly Breakdown, and Daily Peak Occupancy reports show which days and times are quiet, busy, or over capacity. You can use this data to stagger schedules where necessary.

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