Open Area: People counting in open space

Many customers have asked if they could use the infrared tech in our Entry sensors for open space detection (to measure desk availability, lounge use, how people use an amenity, and so on). Our answer has always had to be, not yet.

Until now.

Open Area is the latest addition to our platform. It does what was once impossible: counts people in unbound space ... anonymously.

This new sensor is accurate up to 20 feet off the ground and can handle 1,325 square feet. And it's affordable to scale to tens of thousands of businesses and hundreds of millions of square feet.

Here's Open Area in action:

Return to work safety: Safe by Density: Display, Alerts, Analytics

When employees return to work, they'll want to know that they're safe in the office. We realized we could do something about that. So we launched Safe (featuring Display, Alerts, and Analytics).

Display shows any room's occupancy limits and real-time occupancy. That way, everyone knows when it's safe to enter.

When headcount reaches unsafe levels, Safe Alerts notifies security, safety, and workplace teams in real-time.

Safe Analytics keeps track of safety compliance across millions of sq. ft. of space. Access real-time data on all your regions — from anywhere in the world.

Identify underused spaces and learn what to do with them

Space Analytics now identifies specific areas, rooms, floors, and buildings that are chronically underused. Our AI will then make recommendations to your team on how to unlock savings with this space.

This data ensures that every square foot you pay for is used how it should be — saving you from investing in unneeded space.

Smarter, safer Neighborhood

You can now identify how many desks are open and how many are occupied directly in Density Analytics.

Here's how teams are using this data:

  • Determine how many desks each team actually needs (not just what they tell you)

  • Densify your desk areas without taking away space from people who need it.

  • Show employees which desks are open, so they're not wasting time on the hunt.

  • And, because it's Density, you gain access to this real-time desk data without invading privacy (like you would with seat sensors and overhead cameras).

Introducing the Density Partner Portal

We wanted to make it easier for partners to connect with our sales team, sharpen their installation and deployment skills, and securely access critical product information.

So we launched the Density Partner Portal.

Not yet a partner? We're actively seeking trusted names with experience delivering high-quality customer care in low-voltage systems design, installation, and integration. Learn more about Density's Partner Program here.

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